Heaven on the Earth - Santorini, Greece

Hello Folks!

                                   It’s been almost a year since I visited this magical & enchanted place called Santorini or Thira in Greek, but it looks like a memorable excursion of yesterday. The magic of Santorini lies in its breathtaking views of natural volcanic islands, towering cliffs, crystal clear deep blue water. Also, one can never forget the stunning sunset view.

                       I was on my euro trip exploring countries Prague, Luxembourg, Dresden, Poland and yes, I also wanted to go to this place which is nearly 2000 miles away and I made a plan which looked difficult initially but executed well thereafter. So, I followed the route like Dresden –>Prague –>Florence –>Rome–>Santorini and got the chance to see places in between.

Flight –

                      We reached Santorini in around 3.15 hours of flight by Vueling Airlines from Rome to Thira [JTR] once reaching you will easily get shared van service at the airport itself service in 5 euros/person to your respective hotels.

Stay –

                       Our stay was in hotel Lodos, it is a decent budget hotel situated in between Fira & Oia. If you are running on a budget I wouldn’t recommend staying in the cliff side resorts as they are much expensive.

Things to Do –

Fira to Oia walk –

                       This 3-hour walk would certainly be “A walk to remember” of a lifetime. As a hiking lover I walked this 10 km long trail which took around 3 hours depending on your speed. Enjoy the picturesque of caldera while leisurely walking on this trail. Make sure you wear a comfy pair of shoes and try to start early morning to avoid midday strong sunlight.

Sunset at Oia –

                       I am sure you must have experienced some of the best sunsets in different places around the world, Be it beautiful beaches, mountains, seaside etc. But I bet you would take the sunset of Santorini with you forever and reminisce it whenever you experience sunset next time. You can either find a suitable place for you or book a table in one of the restaurants with calm music and sip of Greek coffee to capture the sunset

Climb to see Ancient Thira –

                       A must-see place ancient city ruin while you are in Santorini, you can either walk up from Kamari or take a taxi from this place call Kamari. It will be more of an adventure trail since it has series of over 20 hairpin bends that wends its way up and down. Carry enough water bottles with you though there are refreshment caravan and toilets at the top. Experience the history of 8th century which also has life of about 1600 years.

Black & Red Beaches –

                       A unique site as its rare to find red beach in the world. We hiked down to see this red beach, it is kind of volcanic sand beach on the Aegean Island. Be careful of steep walk over the rock which could be slippery at times.

Light House –

                       A great place to watch sunset and sea, this 19th-century lighthouse, built by a French Company, should be on your list.

Fira –

                       Fira is the capital of Santorini located in the middle of the island. It has the Museum of Prehistoric Thira that contains some of the artifacts. If you are a history lover, then this is a must-see place for you.

Tour in vineyards and wine tasting in a traditional winery.

                       Wine has been produced in Santorini since ancient times and it became famous worldwide You can try the most famous Tuscan sweet wine called Vin Santo. So if you really want to go for wine tour my advise is to book the well tour well in advance so save some cost or else you can enjoy your wine at the one of the fine restaurants as well.

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