About The Peppy Girl

Hey there! I am DJ, an adventure seeker, explorer, a story teller (I think we should keep it short for now) exploring the world since last 5 years! I am here to share my travel experiences around the globe and inspire you to live an extraordinary life!

Welcome to my travel blog! An extraordinary life is something everyone desires, but it takes lots of courage and stepping out of your comfort zones to actually build the life you always wanted.

Like you, I also have the burning desire to travel and explore every bit of this earth, If I can do it so can you! Trust me on this and I am sure we can agree that travel changes a person completely, you feel more responsible, free, happy and accomplished in life, isn’t it?

While the biggest concerns with traveling have always been money and safety, allow me to share my experiences and enlighten you on how to deal with money matters when it comes to traveling which is known as the most luxurious hobby.

This blog is for everyone who aspire to go out of home and travel to see how beautiful this world is but somehow has money and time constraints.

What does Peppy mean?

Lively and high-spirited, having a lot of energy.

I struggled a lot to decide the name of my website. My family and friends’ constant questions came to my rescue, “how can you always be this active and talking? Don’t you get tired?” 

Who is The Peppy Girl?

I was born and raised in Mumbai. I have a quenchless thirst for travel and I am always excited for new adventures, be it rock climbing in Thailand or solo hiking in Germany, to say the least. I have been on and off the road and exploring the different demographic regions since last 5 years and have traveled to 12 countries and some 50 cities so far. I quit my job, sold everything and became a minimalist to pursue my passion for TRAVEL. 

Hiking in Thailand

Why The Peppy Girl?

This website is all about living your dreams while you are alive!

I always wanted to do something distinguished, as I felt the need of sharing my life and travel experiences, so that you can learn from my mistakes, take notes and travel the world fearlessly, confidently, wisely on your own budget and feel like home in an alien land.

There is no age bar to follow your passion (yours could be different than mine). Even if you are moving at the pace of a turtle, you are moving forward and progressing, reaching closer to your goal and living your dream is a life changing experience altogether.

The Peppy Girl is dedicated to every peppy, dynamic and vibrant person (boys count yourself too) out there who is trying to achieve their passion and living life on their own terms and conditions. Needless to say, it is the place where I share my love for travel and adventure.

Cycling in Hampi

What else I do besides traveling?

When I am not traveling probably, I am indulged in one of these activities – Marathon running, cycling, dancing and hanging out, playing interactive games with my friends. I enjoy being the icebreaker in different meetups and events. And now I am the writer, photographer, travel blogger and designer for my website.

What is my travel type?

I don’t want to restrict myself to a particular type, I am hooked on the mountains, beaches, roads, historical sites, national heritages, nightlife, local cuisines, people and everything else the destination has to offer.

Where was my first solo trip?

Berlin, I learned language is no barrier, it’s the human emotions that connect us.

What traveling taught me?

Biggest Lesson: Dare to take chances, collect moments not things and people are the same wherever you go.

What is my favorite destination?

I have favorite experiences in all traveled destinations. 

Crazy ExperienceHiking for 60km on frozen river for 5 days at -30 degrees celsius in Ladakh

Favorite fairy town: It’s a tie between Bruges and Dresden, both are dreamy.

Best train Journey: Ghent to Amsterdam 

How to connect with you?

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I hope I can inspire you to accomplish your own travel adventures and bucket lists.

Thanks for Reading!

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