12 Awesome Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

I have just returned from a fantastic holiday but unfortunately, I have now gained a few extra pounds! Does this sound similar? Why did that happen? How should I stay fit and avoid weight gain?

Well these are the most common concerns of people like you and people like me! One of the major culprits are these hard to resist tempting foods.

Junk Food is Unhealthy
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It can be quite difficult to stay fit while traveling!

Let me share some quick facts, common mistakes, major tips and my personal experiences with you on this burning topic.  

Why you put on weight when you travel?

  • The biggest misconception with traveling is, it is considered as Cheat Days.
  • Regular exercise is usually on least priority when you are at a holiday.
  • You cannot follow your regular diet in an alien land and are highly dependent on available food choices.

Fitness and Travel doesn’t always go hand in hand but you know what you can make them mutually exclusive!

We all want an extraordinary travel life while being in the shape. As a matter of fact, you just need to practice responsible eating along with an active lifestyle. So here are some of my favorite tried and tested tips to stay super fit and healthy.

1. Physical Exercise

Exercise is the Best Way to Stay Fit

My Quick Morning 30 mins Exercises which you can do ANYWHERE:

Stretching [5 min]: Stretching is very important for elasticity in your body, it works directly on your muscles & makes you flexible. Moreover, it reduces the risk of injury. Regular stretching exercises increase the energy level in your body by promoting the blood flow to the muscles.

Plank [2 min]: Every day even 45-60 seconds of plank in the morning helps to build your core muscles and improves your metabolism. Furthermore, planks help you burn more calories than regular crunches and sit-ups.

Squats [2 min]: Squats not only help to build your leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves), but also promote entire body-wide muscle building. Squats are excellent workout to tone muscles, what’s more, it helps to strengthen the cardiac muscles and improves lung capacity. A quick 2 mins squats can be done in your hotel room, gym area or at the park side.

Skipping [5 mins]: I always carry my skipping ropes with me while traveling, believe me, it has enormous health benefits. Skipping is considered as the best form of cardio which makes your heart healthier. Doing rope for 30 minutes can burn roughly around 300 calories, and hence, one can easily lose ½ kg/week of course with the combination of a healthy diet.

Surya Namaskar [10 mins]: This is the best tried and tested widely practiced basic yoga asanas. Surya Namaskar is an extremely beneficial exercise as it comprises of 12 different stretching poses for various parts of the body and works ideal for weight loss. It greatly helps strengthen your skeletal system and ligaments. Also known as a great way to keep your body active and stress free. Keep breathing in and out during the poses for best results.

2. Eat Right

Healthy Eating Options

Here comes the trickiest part – refuelling your body

One of the biggest challenges of travelers is what to eat while roaming around in an unknown territory. Obviously, most of the times we end up eating whatever available at that point in time around us. Nevertheless, you can carry some healthy stuff in your bag pack to avoid binging on junk items. 

Best tips to eat right when you are not at home.

  • Always start your day with a heavy and healthy breakfast
  • Stop looking for high calorie local cuisines for your emotional eating (you have not earned a dessert or drink)
  • Include green tea in your diet at least once in a day
  • Don’t forget to pack food for your Travel! Carry healthy food items with you like almonds, peanuts, energy bars.
  • Try to be on fruit diet at least one time in a day – I know it’s difficult but works best for the body.
  • Eat frequently & in smaller amounts.
  • Eat plenty of protein and try healthy local and seasonal foods.
  • Avoid unhealthy food as much as possible.
  • Never eat two bad meals in a row.
  • Eat whole/real food, liquid calories are harmful
  • Avoid these as much as you can – processed food , sugar, liquid calories like soda, juice, and so on.
  • Stay away from ridiculously cheap food offers. They are all JUNK.

3. Pick Right Accommodation

Go for a place (hostel, Airbnb, hotel) which serves breakfast along with the stay, check out if there are any restaurants or grocery stores nearby.

4. Party in Limit

The major motives of party places is to make you Drink Eat and Spend! Remember the quote – Anything done in excess is harmful!

Eat and Drink in moderation so that next day you don’t have to wake up all bloated with puffy face, fatigue and hangover.

5. Sleep Well

It goes without saying a healthy sound sleep is a must even when you are not traveling. Lack of sleep cycles can be annoying the next day and can disturb your whole trip itinerary.

We all like to stay in party hostels but it can take a toll on our sleep. Turning on the sleep meditation audio can be of help at such places (It actually works).

6. Do It Yourself

I am on a leisure holiday, let me be a couch potato in my hotel room! If this is what you think than I am sorry, fitness is far away from you! Honestly you should be extremely active to burn those extra calories instantly. Do your laundry, try swimming, visit the game area, walk/jog around the park or simply turn on the music and dance.

7. Choose Your Cuisines Carefully

Check out the nutrition facts and try in moderation, you don’t have to binge on every local food in the same day!

8. Water Over beer

When you are in a country like Vietnam or Mexico, you probably want to go for beer instead of water because beer is much cheaper than the water bottles. Having said that, beers are high in calories and can cause serious side effects. Do not compromise on your water intake. Either try to carry your water bottles from hotel or get it from the grocery shops (it’s always cheaper) 

9. Your Company Matters

While traveling you tend to forget the fitness regime, if your traveling partner is foodie or lazy. It is always a good idea to discuss your fitness strategies with your traveling partners before starting the trip so that all of you can stay motivated and at the same page.

10. Use bicycles (if possible)

Cycling is the best way to stay fit

One of my favorite modes of commutation in a new city is bicycles. You can easily rent it out and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. This way you can save your transportation cost and it has so many health benefits for e.g. it increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles and bones, keeps your body weight on track.

11. Use Stairs

Try to include hiking in your itinerary if it’s possible, I always prefer taking stairs as and when I have an option to choose for. It was so exciting to climb all the way to the second floor of the great Eiffel tower.

12. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Early Morning Yoga

This is the optimum thing you must look after every day. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

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