Top 10 Places for Best Hiking Experience

Being a nature lover & hiking enthusiast, I have traveled many places around the world. Here are some of my best hikes.

Chadar Trek, India

Chadar Trek, Leh India
A typical day at Chadar Trek

Chadar trek is the most adventurous trek in India where the entire trek is done on the frozen river and the temperature goes to – 30 degrees Celsius. Surviving at such an extreme climate is a real challenge. Recently I completed this 5-day and a 60km long trek, situated in Zanskar region near Leh.

Tab Kak Hang Nak, Thailand

Hiking in Thailand
Where's my safety belt? Try it under supervision only

I just loved this one! Krabi is not only about beaches but stunning mountain peaks as well. The view from that rock is just amazing. It is also called ‘Dragon Crest’ a must visit place for adventure lovers, situated near about 30 minutes drive from the famous Ao Nang beach in Krabi. 

The trail offers many breath-taking views and will surely quench your thirst of doing something unique. Overall trekking was moderate to difficult, one should be able to finish the trek somewhere around 5-6 hours so my recommendation is to start this hike early in the day so that you can utilize the maximum sunlight nevertheless I started quite late in the afternoon and eventually descended by evening after sunset with no light. Walking through the Jungle in the dark, was a bit scary. I still remember that chirping sounds of birds.

Ancient Thera, Greece

Santorini Island View

If you are in Santorini, this ancient and antique city of ruins is worth a visit. The ruins include temples, houses with mosaics, an agora (market), a theatre and a gymnasium which are very well preserved.

It is quite windy at the top. The spectacular view of the island is a treat for eyes.

Be careful while driving as the approach road is frightening with around 20 hairpin bends. This historic site is open every day except Mondays, tickets are available near the parking space till 2:30 pm at 4€.

Tiger Cave Temple, Thailand

Iconic Buddha Statue at Tiger Cave Temple

Another hiking spot in the list is the Tiger Cave Temple, a Buddhist temple known for the tiger paw print on the cave. 

There are about 1237 steps leading to the summit whereas some of the steps are more than a foot (30 cm) high which is what makes this trail a challenging one.

One golden piece of advice is – be careful with monkeys there is a full army of monkeys roaming around the steps making it funny and scary at times.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

View from the first floor of Eiffel Tower

Well I know this is not a hiking point but climbing those stairs of Eiffel tower was my long-time fantasy and it was so much fun, I couldn’t help myself including this masterpiece in the list!

You can always opt for staircase till the second floor i.e. around 377 ft and exactly 669 steps thereafter you have to take the elevator and purchase a ticket to reach at the topmost floor of this gigantic monument.

Königstuhl, Germany

The famous hiking point in Heidelberg City

Königstuhl is a high hill in the Odenwald mountains in the city of Heidelberg, best known for the sunset views and snow-covered trails during winters. This is an endurance testing hike, and this is the only one where I got literally tired of walking rough trails (has lots of stairs too). It felt like a never-ending one!

However, once you reach the top, you are delighted to see the whole Heidelberg city and Mannheim too (if the sky is clear) and there is a nice restaurant to refuel the body.

ProTip – Don’t mix it with other plans as it is undoubtedly a full day hiking.

The best part about this hilltop is, it is accessible by train and cable cars too so if you are not in a mood to hike, you can buy those tickets and reach here within a couple of minutes. 

Bastei, Germany

Hiking in Germany
Ready for the first solo hike

Bastei is known for the jagged groups of sandstone rocks located in Saxon Switzerland National Park

Bastei holds a special place in my heart as this was my first international solo hiking, I was a first-time visitor to Dresden and had a free day with me before moving to Heidelberg.

This is one of the finest treks in Germany and I won’t mind hiking here again! You got to switch trains and a boat to reach the base village Bastei,  Stay tuned for a complete guide on this, coming in a short while.

Matanga Hills, India

Matanga Hills, Hampi India
Namaste from Hampi

Matanga hill is in Hampi which is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in east-central Karnataka, India.This is one amazing hill to enjoy sunrise and sunsets. Hampi is a traveler’s paradise. The nearest airport is around 160km at Hubli

Matanga Hill is one of the highest peaks in Hampi, best known for the breathtaking aerial views.

Chembra Peak, India

Chembra Peak, Kerala India
There's a lake at this mountain peak

Once again, I challenged myself by doing this moderate to difficult level of day hike situated in southern part of India One of the highest peaks in Wayanad district around 6890 ft above sea level. The nearest airport is at Kozhikode which is around 90km from Chembra peak. 

Start early around 6am to avoid hassle for buying the trekking passes.

I got some leech bites and a silencer burn on my calf, overall it was some crazy experience.

Andharban, India 

Andharban Forest

It’s a dark stretched forest! One of the most popular hikes in my own town near Pune is a popular jungle trek in Tamhini ghat region. As the name suggests Andhar means darkness ban is jungle, the place is so dense that it becomes complete dark at day times specially during monsoon season.

Surrounded by thick forest cover of Tamhini ghat, this hike surely offers some mysterious scenic nature trail.

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