My 20 Best Travel Tips after 5 years of Traveling

Best Travel Tips

Traveling is a liberating process and a worthy experience.  We all have our fair share of good memories and some goof ups too. The kind of preparation you did for your very first trip may not be the same for your recent ones.

Apparently learning from mistakes is a part of life! Most of the travel mishaps can be avoided if you know the major hacks and some crucial tips. For the ones which are out of your control, just let it be and move on with your itinerary.

After 5 years of consistent traveling in and around Asia and Europe, I am very much excited to share my best travel tips.

1. Money Matters

If you are planning a budget holiday, it is always a good idea to estimate the total cost of your trip. Make payment for your bookings/travel insurance in advance. Use those credit card points or coupons for flight and hotel bookings, consider buying the train/bus passes in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Always get your TOURIST Visa done before arriving in a country. Although some countries offer visa on arrival, however, mostly there are long queues for the visa process at the airports that’s like compromising on your valuable time.

Rome Travel Tips

2. Plan Your Itinerary

How many times has it happened that you landed in a new place and are completely clueless about where to go things? Well, it has happened with me in Rotterdam nevertheless, the transportation system is such an amazing one that the last-minute planning worked well for me. 

However, a well planned itinerary guarantees smoother trip execution.

3. Pack Light

First of all prepare your checklist of items to carry. Ensure you are not over packing. If you are going to use it, keep it! Nevertheless, I cannot advise you to pack light for colder regions. 

Besides, let there be some space in your bags to accommodate shopping items.

4. Reviews Matter

Check out the hotel/hostel review in google map before booking it, similarly, you can check reviews for dining restaurants and sightseeing places because the reviews can help you to choose better options and they are like your helping hands so  you must use them.

5. Get Vaccinated

This is an important one because falling sick in a new country can be a big nuisance and apparently most countries require you to get vaccinated before arrival.

6. Softcopies Handy

It goes without saying – Keep a softcopy of all your important documents handy.

7. Download Offline Maps

Using the internet in a new country could be tricky sometimes, so download the offline google maps for all places you are planning to visit. 

These maps have helped me a long way for choosing the Top Hiking Destinations 

8. Eat Healthy

It comes as no surprise that eating healthy in an unfamiliar place is a challenge. When you are on a full day trip, the options to binge on street foods looks feasible and tempting which can have detrimental effects on your health later on. One smart way is to check the ratings of restaurants in google map and save them. If you are a vegan, checkout the directions of the vegan restaurants from your hotel on the google map. Moreover, always carry nuts, fruits and snacks with you for healthy munching.

Checkout my Best Fitness Tips to stay in shape on the road.

9. Tourist Information Centre

As soon as I land up in any new place, I get thrilled to visit the local tourist information centre. They are your best guide for everything like where to go, what to do, history, souvenir, and the charming city maps. You can speak to the local guides here for all kinds of information about the city.

Furthermore, it’s the best place to meet new people, that’s exactly how I met a fellow traveler in Munich. We explored Munich together, it was indeed a fun expedition.

Be Local and Make Friends with People

10. Be Local

The best way to be independent while traveling in a new country is by traveling like a local! Try to get the local SIM to have internet and calling access. By the way, most cafes have wifi, you can always grab a coffee at McDonald’s or Starbucks and plan your journey ahead.

Avoid expensive cabs and use public transports or opt for the walking tours, it is the best way to discover the city.

Observe the daily life of local people, make friends with them. Actually, it is not that difficult as it looks. My favorite part of traveling is the opportunity for meeting new people, learning new things, exchanging cultural values. Participate in the events and meetups. If time is not a constraint, volunteer in social responsibilities. And finally, embrace the new culture.

Thailand Best Travel Tips

11. Start Early

This goes without saying, starting your day early is the trick to avoid the crowd in touristy places. Wake up early for the sunrise pictures. Most of the touristy places become crowded and busy after 9:00am. So, if you can make it early in the morning, you are up for some amazing pictures and oxygen 😉

12. Keep Your Money Handy

Always try to keep the foreign currency and some amount in forex travel card. Travel with sufficient funds and avoid using your ATM/credit cards unless you have got some lucrative offers for international usage.

The exchange rates at airports are heavy, go to the local market and you will definitely find some shops exchanging money at lower rates.

Tuscany, Italy Travel Tips

13. Learn Some Foreign words

This is the best practice everyone should do. The local people always feel happy even if you are saying hello in their language, that shows respect and efforts.  

Before arriving in your destination country learn some common words like – hello, hospital, train station, money, cops, food, bye, etc. Furthermore, learn the translation of some basic dishes which you are looking forward to try.

14. Translation apps

When I was exploring Berlin, the google translation app came to my rescue. It was quite easy to interact with Germans. And how can I forget scanning the Polish restaurant menu for English translation in Wroclaw. The google translation app sits at the top of my must have travel apps.

15. Scarf

Always keep a scarf handy, it is multipurpose!

16. Hotel Name Handy

For worst cases, memorize your hotel name and street name.

17. Sunscreen

Sunlight can be cruel, sunscreens are your best outdoor friends.

Leh Bike Ride

18. Bad Experience is fine

Issues are bound to happen. Don’t make a judgment about the whole country based on your bad experience. It is perfectly ok to face unpleasant issues, just let it go and move ahead with your itinerary.

19. Carry Essentials

Things like a sleeping mask, earplugs, moisturizer, flip flops, lip balm, podcasts, personal lock, power banks, travel adapter and your camera with the accessories are the essential ones.

20. Don't Overplan

Keep last few days free for the biggest surprises and adventures because planned trips can be boring sometimes when you exactly know your routine.

Above all get out of your comfort zone and discover new places, restaurants, people on your own. Collect beautiful memories and souvenirs.

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